Architectural services are broken into work stages which are numerically coded to help clients understand how fees have been assigned.  The infographic shows how the stages are broken up, and the percentage fees are assigned to each stage.

For further information on the fee structure you can view our fee template here.

Site Survey
Conducting a measured and photographic survey of the property and assessing site constraints 
Concept Proposals
Worked up designs from the initial sketches into design concepts - usually exploring a few options for layouts, materials and finishes
Design Review
Taking the ideas for the concept design options and refining the design into a cohesive solution
Cost Analysis
Assessing the proposals against market costs to determine if design is on budget - this stage may be carried out with the assistance of a Quantity Surveyor or Contractor
Design Refinement
This stage is where any adjustments to the design following cost analysis take place - external materials, landscaping, window / door design and colours would all be agreed prior to planning
Completion Certificate
When the project is complete, a final inspection will be carried out by the building control officer, and a completion certificate awarded
This is the term given to the period just before a contractor is due to complete a project where n inspection is carried out and any defects reported and agreed to be rectified prior to final payment
Operation + Maintenance
Used more in commercial projects, O+M manuals are provided detailing the manufacturers information for operation and maintenance along with a finishes schedule 
Outline Planning
Outline planning is not always required, but may be advisable if the site is to be newly developed - this allows outline planning consent to be sought before detailed design fees are incurred
Planning Application
Planning drawings and design statements are completed and a planning application made to the local authority
This stage takes the base planning drawings and work up design details showing how elements of the building are to be constructed 
Structural Engineer Coordination
Almost all projects require the services of a structural engineer to certify the works carried out - the SE will provide structural calculations and details to be added to the architectural package
Discussing the ideas and aspirations with the client to determine priorities and desired outcome
Initial sketch proposals and design ideas with some precedent images and looking at viability of brief
Building Warrant Application
Here all the detailed information that has been prepared is compiled and annotated to attach to a building warrant submission to the local authority - this will be reviewed by a building control officer and revised until they are satisfied with the proposal 
Site Inspection
Site inspections are carried out at agreed intervals to assess the quality and progress of the work and certify the payment stages between the client and contractor - building control inspections are also facilitated
Tender Pack
This is a pack of information which is designed to be sent out to contractors so they can price for the project - this will include fixtures and finishes specifications

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